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             SERVICES OFFERED:

Family Insurance Services, 2190 Sombrero Dr.,   Los Osos,  CA,  93402,  Call 800 549-7476 


  • Tax management strategies. 


  •  Review recent tax law changes that may effect your retirement plan.


  •  Enhancing your income benefits from STRS, PERS retirement plans.


  •  CALSTRS or PERS Retirement Analysis and other tax advantaged alternatives.


  •  529 College Funding and UGMA / UTMA accounts for Minors.


  •  Disciplined Savings Programs that are very effective in building wealth.


  • Retirement planning for Businesses and Individuals, repositioning 401(k) plans.


  •  Life Insurance,  Survivor Benefits Plans, Health Care,  Long Term Care, Medicare Supplement Plans, Annuities, Mutual Funds, and Retirement Plans.

A Member of: Small School Districts'  Association and California Agricultural Teachers Association

License: 0f50028,0596320

Agency Number: OE22534

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